Dr. Fred Kelner

Clinical Psychologist

My Approach

I work with adults ranging from the age of 18 to 105. The people with whom I work have a wide variety of concerns. They may describe their mood, their fears or  how his/her partner acts: he/she drinks too much, he/she doesn't treat them well, he/she yells at the kids too much, he/she spends too much time with the kids, he/she is not around enough. The boss doesn’t appreciate him/her; the boss rejects his/her ideas, doesn’t see how much I have done, doesn’t give me the promotion I deserve.  Does any of this sound familiar? You've tried handling the problem in a number of ways. They're not working. Together we will focus on ways of changing the outcome by using the strengths that you may not have recognized you have.

Conditions Treated

People with whom I work struggle with anxiety and/or depression and how it affects their relationships. We are always trying to do our best. Unfortunately, our efforts don’t always come out the way that we expect. We have a choice. We can give up or we can trying something else. Therapy is something else My job is to help you find your way. I have had the honor being invited into the lives of people seeking to change their way of living. In therapy, the men and women with whom I work look at what is going on in their lives and try to make sense of it so that they may change the rules and do things in a way that is better for them.


Anxiety is another word for fear or worry. In response we may avoid doing things. We hide. It can be specific as in a phobia, e.g., being afraid of bridges. It can be vague. What terrible thing might happen if I go out or call a friend? We might not tell others we are afraid but we still feel fear inside us. Sometimes when we are anxious we become angry as when you child is threatened.


Depression is feeling awful. I did something unforgiveable in the past. I can’t manage what is happening today. My future will be terrible. I should be different. We may try to escape into sleep, food, alcohol, and/or drugs, stare into nothingness or pretend that everything is fine. We may spend much of our time thinking or doing things to push down our thoughts. People with whom I work struggle with anxiety and/or depression and how it affects their relationships.


We all learn how to get along with others from those who have been role models in our lives. Our parents are only one such model, We have brother and sister, aunts and uncles, the parents of friends, teachers, religious leaders,, sports figures, and images on TV and in movies. In watching these role models we may take on their behaviors as we grow up and become more independent, as if they were rules. But these rules don’t always fit the lives that we find ourselves in.


Research training, expertise and qualifications.


I am a practicing clinical psychologist in Chester County where I maintain a private practice. I have a BA from Albright College and an MA and ED.D from Temple University. In 1973, I was among the first psychologists licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I have practiced in a variety of settings ranging from psychiatric hospitals, clinics, retirement communities, and traditional office settings .


I accept most health insurances and appear on their provider panels.

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